Basic knowledge and skills of job hunting – Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities

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How to write a good resume? ( Basic knowledge and skills of job hunting )

Before writing your resume, you have to think about it from the perspective of the employer: What is the purpose of paying wages to recruit employees every month? After understanding this problem, writing a resume can be targeted.

A qualified personal resume should use accurate words, complete content, clear and concise, and should not be too simplistic or overly simple. First of all, typos should be eliminated on the resume.

If the employer finds a typo on your resume, you will be eliminated immediately without any chance. Typos in the resume are fatal mistakes for job seekers. Under normal circumstances, a resume should be one or two pages long. Busy personnel directors tend to be impatient with resumes that exceed two pages.

When drafting a resume, the first draft can be a bit longer, write all the relevant content, and then delete and modify, carefully review every word and every piece of content, leave some useful content and express it in the most concise language.

When writing a resume, the principle of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses should be adopted. The content of your resume should be truthful from facts and must not be fabricated. But this is not to say that you have to write everything about you on your resume.

The main function of a personal resume is to let the employer know your qualifications for a certain job. Therefore, unrelated content that is unfavourable to you can not appear on the resume. For example, if you post photos, you should consider the job requirements and your own conditions to make proper arrangements. Some jobs, such as public relations, secretary, pay more attention to appearance, generally, you should post photos; some jobs, such as scientific research, design, etc. do not pay attention to appearance, generally do not post photos; but if you do have beautiful facial features,

The exploratory demeanour, it is best not to be buried, you should post a recent photo of yourself on your resume. The role of the resume is to sell yourself, express yourself, and what specialities you have, try to show it on the resume, so that the employer can discover your value. Don’t be too humble and feel embarrassed to tell others about your strengths and achievements.

If you don’t say clearly what you can do, then who knows you are a useful talent? Therefore, on your resume, you should not only give examples of the work you have done but also emphasize your skills for a certain job and your achievements and certificates.

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