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Charleroi companies hiring unskilled semi-skilled and professionals

  • Ghent Minimum wage 1,593.81 EUR per month to 15,593.81 EUR per month (The year 2020).

  • Belgium – Charleroi has the second-highest job vacancy rate in the EU.

  • Best place to live foreigners.


  • Situated at the heart of Europe. People speak English, Dutch, French, and German languages.

  • Charleroi is a small city but within this gem are a lot of wonderful points that may attract you to becoming your retirement destination.

  • Pros of living in Charleroi – Housing, Child Benefits, Stable jobs, Freedom, Infrastructure, Public Transportation, Language and Taxes.

  • Charleroi consistently scores top in all the main indicators of good living and is a good location for expats to live.

  • There is also an excellent standard of healthcare in Charleroi.

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  • We forward your CV/Resume to companies who hire foreigners.

  • Contact  based recruiters, companies directly on your behalf.

  • We Upload your CV/Resume in the Ghent local government job portal.


  • Get top in the race to find Ghent job opportunities for foreigners.

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  • Constant follow-up for 3 months.

  • Any guidance related to work, study, anything related to Charleroi.

  • Help in Accommodation/Renting Room.

  • Help in immigration documentation.

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