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  • It is one of the best-known CV formats in Europe.

  • CV can be uploaded to any compatible job portal or database.


  • The Europass CV is recognised internationally among recruiters.

  • With a Europass, all job portals accept it.

  • You can explain all work experience, voluntary work, academic background and skills in detail and additional qualifications with supplement documents. Especially helpful for moving to Europe or looking to work in Europe.

  • The European CV or Europass is a standard CV model proposed by the European Union in order to facilitate labour mobility for workers throughout Europe.

  • The language passport is a self-assessment that indicates language skills divided into comprehension, speaking and writing levels. This does not have official status, so this passport must be accompanied by official titles.

  • The Europass supplement is an informative supplement to your Official Vocational Training Certificate. This aims to facilitate the interpretation of certificates and technical skills in other languages ​​of the European continent.

  • With this series of documents, the European Union seeks to facilitate the communication of skills and qualifications to people seeking work or training in Europe and to help employers and academic authorities to understand the profile of candidates.


  • Spellcheck and Grammer mistakes fixed with Europass CV.

  • Our resume specialist in touch with you to make perfect Europass CV.

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