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Europass Free CV and Resume Templates 2021

The Europass consists of five documents that facilitate the understanding of a person’s capabilities and trajectory across Europe.
Created by the European Commission, the Europass is based on five documents:

✅ The European curriculum.

✅ The language passport.

✅ The mobility document.

✅ The supplement to the certificate of professionalism.

✅ The supplement to the higher degree certificate. 

The Europass Curriculum Vitae, also popularly known as the “European curriculum”, is the best known and most widely used document of the set and can be supplemented with one or more of the other documents. It is a model of curriculum that allows European citizens to present in a structured, chronological and flexible way the qualifications and competencies they possess. 


Collection of cv templates free download 2021

Template 1 - Europass CV Template 2021

Template 2 - Europass CV - Create your Own Europass CV ( Example template 2021 )

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