How to Avoid Taboos on CV and Resume

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Learn How to Avoid Taboos on CV and Resume – Learn how to overcome common resume and CV stumbling blocks in the year 2021

Is your experience really rich? Before you post your job application resume, you must prove it.
  When job seekers try to sell themselves to potential employers, the resume is often filled with vague language, and the HR manager will know at a glance that such job seekers are just ” resume style ” authors. On the contrary, the most successful job applicants avoid these obscure words in their resumes and tend to highlight their achievements.
  Don’t use vague words to express your work philosophy, but use brief, concrete examples to demonstrate your skills. In other words, to show, but not to state. (show, don’t tell.)

  Give the following examples:

  Don’t use … ” Do your job with ease in a fast-paced environment “

  And try … ” Every night, I will register about 120 emergency patients “

  Don’t use … ” Excellent written expression and communication skills “

  And try … ” A guide to professional terms written for 11,000 users “

  Don’t use … ” Have a cross-departmental awareness and be good at teamwork “

  And try … ” cooperation with customers , accelerate the speed of response of supply and sales department in order to prevent interference with customer service. “

  Don’t use … ” There have been successful cases in analyzing customer needs “

  And try … ” Created and implemented a comprehensive needs assessment mechanism to assist in predicting demand for services and employees “

  The worst ” violators “

  Diligence and ambition are positive words, right? But if you can’t provide solid examples to support your statement, then the human resources manager will not be convinced by you. The suggestion is: in your resume, be extra careful with these words that sound wonderful but are actually empty.


Diligence and ambition are positive words list

  Attention to detail
  high efficiency
  Alignment target (Goal-oriented)
  Strong logic
  Thinking carefully
  Good at understanding others
  Resourceful and brave
  Have teamwork spirit

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