How To Do Self-introduction In The Year 2021 For Job Interviews

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If you thinking all above question in your mind then read article below

Learn about Interview, interview skills and self-introduction

1. Self-introduction steps

  First of all, you must first introduce who you are and what your name is. Although the interviewer can see all your information in your resume, you still need to take the initiative to say it. This is a kind of politeness and can also make the interviewer more impressed with you;

  Secondly, you can briefly introduce your academic qualifications, work experience, etc., so that the examiner has a general understanding of you. When describing these, you should be concise and highlight the key points. For example, your work experience, as long as you choose the job related to the current job position. It’s okay to say it through experience. The logic must be clear and organized in the explanation, and the description must be concise and concise. Don’t say too much useless words. This will only make the interviewer burnout and weaken the interest and attention.

  What needs to be reminded again and again here is that the content of your self-introduction must be consistent with the relevant content on your resume and registration materials. There can be no discrepancies, but it should be noted that when doing self-introduction, try to be more flexible. The spoken language is easy to understand, which is conducive to communication with each other;

  The following is about the next two outstanding achievements during school or work, through specific examples to illustrate your experience and abilities, you can give an example of what activities you successfully organized when you were a student leader in school; What grades or outstanding academic achievements have been made in the profession;

How To Do Self-introduction

Interview, interview skills, self-introduction

  The next step is to focus on the reasons why you applied for this position. This is a very important point. At this time, you can talk about your understanding of the job position. If you are changing careers, then you should talk about why you gave up your original job. The reasons for making a new career choice, you can also talk about how you will work diligently and continue to improve and develop yourself if you are accepted by the recruitment company, but you must Note that, don’t be too exaggerated, otherwise it will leave a very bad impression on the interviewer, which will not help your next interview;

  When making self-introduction, you should be clear and organized, and use more oral expressions, but you should be fluent in the narrative, don’t repeat a sentence, and don’t use too casual language to describe ;

2. Time for self-introduction in the interview

  The self-introduction time is generally controlled at about 3-5 minutes. The first part contains more content. The recommended time is 2 minutes, the second part takes about 1 minute, and the last part takes about 1-2 minutes;

  Only when you allocate your time well can you highlight the key points and impress the interviewer. If you are fully prepared before the interview, then you can bring out your best side. Some children’s shoes ignore the self-introduction process. I thought it was enough to simply introduce my name, education, and work experience. As a result, I finished all the content in only half a minute and sat there waiting for the interviewer to ask questions; some children’s shoes compressed everything. In just a few minutes, the interviewer will ask you questions based on your introduction. If you have said all the questions, the interviewer will not know how to ask questions. Therefore, the interviewer will ask you questions according to your introduction. Need to leave others an opportunity to ask questions;

3. The importance of interview self-introduction:

  Only through a short self-introduction can the interviewer have a better understanding of you. In addition, this is also an important indicator of interview evaluation. I hope you will take it seriously and find your favorite job as soon as possible;

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