Tips to improve your resume hit rate

With the popularity and efficiency of online job hunting, more and more people adopt this method, but more and more people complain that the search rate for online job hunting is too low, and there is no response after sending a resume. Calling to ask, the other party said Have not received such a resume.

Learn how to improve your resume as a student

How is this going? Is online job hunting untrustworthy?

Are the job postings fake?   

Many applicants may not have considered this problem.

For employers, they recruit from the Internet. For each position, they will receive thousands of personal resumes sent by email, which makes them have to use some technical means.

Filter in the computer. If your resume happens to pass the screening, your chances of being hired increase. If your resume does not pass the screening, your resume may remain in the other party’s talent pool, but you will not get a quick response.   

Career counsellor’s advice: In order to enable the employer to ” discover ” you more quickly, you must learn to think in their way of thinking. The following will provide you with some relevant tips that can help you increase your chances of selecting an electronic resume.

  1. Record the most important information at the top of the resume homepage: the employer first locates the search criteria in the range that is most useful to them, just like they write a job advertisement. In addition, many computer search engines use the information at the top of the first page of the resume as the basis for searching. Therefore, you can put your contact information, keywords and sentences, work goals, work performance and recent years of work experience and other important information here.
  2. Put some less important information on the second page of your resume: such as other jobs you have been engaged in, education, or other specialities such as proficiency in minor languages.
  3. Put the key sentences as close to the top as possible: they can be arranged in such an order: technical ability, behavioural ability (execution and expansion ability), and related personal ability (organizational ability and innovative spirit).
    Of course, there are software operations capabilities ( MS Project, Word Etc.), teamwork ability and time management ability.
    All the skills you show should make them aware of your importance to their work.
  4. A clear and detailed statement of your job functions: For example, when you state what you are doing now if you are a database administrator, it is best to write ” database administrator, use Sybase database to handle human resources, payroll, customer service, etc. System ” instead of ” using technology and communication skills to work for a growing high-tech company “, because the latter description is very ambiguous and others don’t know what you will actually do.
  5. For each job, you have to consider clearly which skills the employer wants you to master: For example, as an Oracle project manager, you can list a list of keywords related to job skills like this: “Oracle, the project for developing OracleHR applications manager,
  6. Months to achieve Oracle7.6 team in charge of the Oracle development payroll application system, team builder, organizational experience, budget management, a monthly salary of 80, 000 Yuan ” . This list directly yields 13 possible query combinations –

Simple and unique: Oracle + project manager, Oracle + development, Oracle + HR , Oracle + team leader, etc. Your description should directly hit the main point, be detailed and meet the requirements. Let the employer clearly know what your main responsibilities were in your last job, and how you broke through the restrictions, overcome difficulties and achieved outstanding performance.  

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After doing this, there are two basic principles. One is to ensure that you meet all the requirements of the job offer; the other is to understand that the competition for online job hunting is still very fierce. Learn to follow up and make a polite call afterwards. Ask and don’t be afraid of rejection. Doing so will make you more concerned and better.   

Finally, when you make an electronic resume, there are a few basic computer knowledge to keep in mind: try to write in ASCII code, and although the HTML format is good-looking, not every computer can read it. Because any character on the keyboard belongs to ASCII code, other characters beyond the keyboard range are not, so avoid using it. For fonts, it is best to use simple fonts like Times New Roman; page margins can be set to about 4.5 inches; characters are aligned to the left, which makes it easier to cut and paste online resumes. Then save the file in .txt format. (Wang Yixuan)

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