How to write a good resume – The Quickest & Easiest Way

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Companies recruiting on-campus generally require applicants to send electronic resumes first, and they often conduct preliminary screenings of candidates through resumes. So how can you write a good resume and stand out from the hundreds of resumes?

  1. The content must be true
    Bai Wenjie, Director of Human Resources, IBM China, emphasized that whether it is your knowledge level, business ability, or your job
    Experience, no matter which part of the resume, even a small part, when writing these things, we must follow the principle of truth, and implement the principle of “true”. In the recruitment process, if the employer finds that your resume is fraudulent, the applicant’s character and morality will be completely lost, which is destined to be unable to find a good employer.
  2. The goal must be clear
    Su Yi, who is in charge of campus recruitment at IBM, said that, especially when applying for a position in a large company, you must clearly state the “target city”, “target department” and “target position” where you want to work in the most prominent part of your resume. In particular, pay attention to what your ideal position is, and then simply analyze the origin of your target position from the aspects of profession, skills, experience, and interests. Those applicants who grab their eyebrows and beards are absolutely taboo, and applicants who do not have a clear goal for their position are also the easiest candidates to be eliminated.

    3. Three, simple but thick
      The simple meaning is that you should never write your resume on five or six pages. Generally, the person in charge of the first round of resume screening in the human resources department does not have so much energy to read it. According to Siemens, responsible for campus recruitment Sun Xiaohong introduced, usually in the first round of screening resumes, on average, see a resume only a maximum of 30 – 40 seconds, so the number of sheets of too many resumes easily get annoying. It is recommended that the number of resumes should be controlled within one or two, and no more than 3 at most.
      A “clear” resume must put the applicant’s greatest characteristics in the most prominent position of the resume. Do not allow the person who screens the resume to summarize and refine your characteristics from the resume.
     Thickness means that the resume content must be rich and the amount of information delivered must be large. You must clearly express your education background, work experience, and ability advantages.

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4. Use the flashback method
  When writing resumes, many people like to talk from the past to the present. It is best to use flashbacks to write, starting directly from the closest time, so that resume screeners can more easily obtain important information. When necessary, some important information can be dealt with emphatically, but don’t deal with it too fancy, easy reading is the main principle.

5. Do not write all experience
  It is best not to write all of the practices, projects and papers you have written, you only need to describe the experience and experience related to your current job requirements. Use these experiences to prove that you have the ability to do your target job well and are competent for your target post.

6. Different companies have different resumes
The company is not the same, the culture is naturally different. Candidates must remember; to apply for different companies, you must use different resumes. This is not to suggest that applicants can simply change their original resumes, but to suggest that applicants must rewrite their own resumes in conjunction with the company they are applying for.

7. No need to attach a certificate
Regarding the phenomenon of attaching a lot of certificates to the resume in the first round, Sun Xiaohong reminded that you should never do this, and you don’t need to do it. The best practice is to submit your certificates associated with the position you are applying for when the employer informs you to take the written test and interview, and you must provide the relevant certificates truthfully. (Finish)

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