4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using RESUME WRITING TIPS – HOW TO WRITE BETTER RESUME 2021 

Reminder: HR managers have to read hundreds of job resumes every day, and the time to screen resumes is only a few seconds! How to stand out from many job resumes? ? Self-evaluation is an important tool to gain the favour of personnel managers. Self-evaluation uses a few sentences with strong generality to show the personnel managers their comprehensive qualities and core competitive advantages. ” Self-evaluation ” and ” Myself ” distinguished self-evaluation ” is not equivalent to ” self-introduction ” , self-introduction can be a very detailed description of their characteristics, length can be long or short, but the short length of the self-evaluation, with a general power Strong and pertinent. From the perspective of personnel managers, they are not interested in long-form self-introductions. They care about the core strengths and advantages of job candidates.

” Self-evaluation ” and “skills/expertise ” The difference between self-evaluation is a general description, which includes a brief vocabulary to summarize one’s own skills/expertise, but self-evaluation is mainly through these concise and concise overviews to show the personnel manager their comprehensive qualities/features, which include: skills / Summary of expertise, a summary of personal qualifications, description of interests and hobbies, a summary of communication and coordination capabilities, … etc.

Skills / specialties are specific descriptions, which require comprehensive, detailed and focused presentation of their core competitive advantages such as skills and expertise to the personnel manager.



Typical example (correct)

Title: Technical Director, a comprehensive talent with rich management experience and solid scientific research skills. § have 6 experience many years engaged in department management, project management in the world-class high-tech companies; § good at team building and expansion, product (especially communication system products and software products) the establishment and improvement of R & D management system; (Comments: summed up his team’s project management capabilities . ) § good communication with all types of customers, coordination and cooperation relations; (Comment: sum up their coordination, communication ability . ) § has 10 years in the telecommunications, networking systems, and computer software research and development Practical experience, ranging from system-level design to the specific realization of partial functions. (Comment: Summarize your own technical R&D strength/characteristics. ) Job title: Human Resource Manager Senior Human Resources / Administrative Talent: §Proficient in modern unit personnel administration and has a profound theory of personnel administration .. (Comment: Highlight individuals Qualifications) §7 years of experience as an HR administration manager, good at bringing the cohesion, creativity,

Self-discipline ability mining and cultivation. (Comment: highlighting personal qualifications)
§ Familiar with the development and management of human resources in modern units, can formulate good policies that adapt to the unit to attract talents to join, can plan a good training mechanism for the unit to continuously cultivate talents, and can be objective and reasonable Effective incentive policies retain outstanding talents for the unit. (Deeply believe that market competition is talent competition) (Comment: Summary of professional expertise)
§It is learning. Hard-working staff. Work conscientious and responsible. Good at innovation. Dare to meet challenges. Dare to take responsibility. Have a strong energy to work. Full of passion for work. Dedication to work. Emphasize teamwork spirit. (Comment: Analysis of personal working style)
§Members of International Project Management Association ( IPMA ), American Management Association ( AMA ) and China Project Management Research Association, and obtained the business management and human resource management majors issued by the Ministry of Personnel Qualification certificate. (Comment: highlight personal qualifications)

Typical example (error)

Example 1 :

I am a serious and responsible person, proactive, collaborative, good at team work, strong adaptability, and able to quickly master the required technical knowledge. (Comment: There is no focus, and there is no accurate and effective delivery of valuable information to the personnel manager . ) Sample 2 : I am currently working as a supervisor in the customer service center of XXX company and have more than 2 years of work experience. XXX company customer service center is mainly engaged in the company’s brand promotion and after-sales business in Guangzhou area. In more than 2 years of supervisor work, through various work practices and good work knowledge training provided by the company, I have accumulated more experience in how to conduct customer service management, brand marketing, planning, etc., and Improve their ability in organization and coordination. Since the establishment of the company, I have been serving as a supervisor in the company, and I deeply understand the importance of good management to the overall operation of the company. Therefore, in my daily work, I have always paid attention to the learning and practice of relevant unit management knowledge, and gradually I have good team management skills (comment: no focus, long discussion) Sample 3 : I can use C, C++, PASCAL, MASM and other computer languages proficiently , and VIRSUAL FOXPRO, and SQL SERVER database , for VIRSUAL BASIC, DELPHI

I also have a certain degree of mastery . I have a better understanding of DOS, WIN31, WIN9X, WINNT, LINUX and other operating systems , and I am more familiar with INTERDEV, VIRUSAL java, FONTPAGE98, POWERBUID, OFFICE97, WPS98, 3DMAX, CRESTRON SIMPL WINDOWS and other software . For dynamic ASP, PHP, PERL cgi have a better understanding of SQL7 and MYSQL database web design. (Comment: only pay attention to the description of technical expertise, ignoring the description of other aspects. In addition to technology, the personnel manager is more concerned about your overall quality.)

How to fill in the job application intention correctly

Example :

Please describe your relevant skills in detail but with emphasis, with the number of words between 20 and 1000 words. In addition, please pay attention to describe some keywords that are closely related to your occupation, such as “JAVA, German, 5 years experience “, etc., so that the HR manager can use these keywords to find you quickly when searching for talents.

How to fill in relevant skills correctly


Middle and senior management positions in high-tech companies. Can make full use of the rich experience in department and project management, team building and business operation accumulated in world-class units over the years; display his research and development skills in communications, network systems and computer software and integrate them with the company’s product development.

Examples :

• Have rich experience in team formation and expansion and project management and coordination;
• Good at project planning, budget control, resource coordination, quality control and progress management;
• Good at software development development cycle and standardized system management;
• proficient in business operations and the development of customer-facing communication and collaboration;
• a solid theoretical foundation wireless communication system with a wealth of practical experience,
such as GSM, TDMA, CDMA system and the third generation mobile communication systems, such as WCDMA, UMTS , etc.;
• fine Design, protocol analysis and implementation of wired/wireless voice and data communication systems; such as: GSM second-generation enhanced system, GPRS ,
SS7 , INAP , ISUP and CS-1, etc.;
• Proficient in object-oriented programming technology and application, Such as C /C++, VB, Java, etc.;
• Have rich experience in hardware system design and embedded software design;
• Have rich experience in network programming and routing protocol implementation and testing, such as: BGP4, OSPF, MPLS, VPN, etc.;
• Able to use Chinese and English fluently , Japanese three languages.


How to describe work experience more effectively

Example :

• Create and expand the company’s development department. In more than a year, the department has grown from two engineers working for one customer to 30 engineers working for three different customers. As a result, the company’s annual turnover has increased by 200% .
• Successfully managed 8 projects and cooperated with 3 different clients in 3 years . All projects were completed on time and with high quality according to customer requirements, which enabled the company’s business to develop rapidly. • Successfully established a set of quality assurance system for the company’s software development and improved it in practice to gradually meet the requirements of ISO9001 and CMM system. • Successfully managed and participated in the development of the GSM second-generation enhanced protocol and GPRS protocol of the signaling tester , and the development of the No. 7 signaling system of the acceSS7 system. • Managed, participated in and developed CDMA ( IS-

95A, IS-95B and cdma2000 ) system modeling and simulation software.

Comments :

  1. Be good at using numbers to prove your outstanding performance. Such as: 30 company’s annual turnover increased by 200% .
  2. Good at using comparison to prove their performance: develop the department from 2 engineers to 30 engineers.
  3. Emphasize which key projects you have hosted or participated in successfully implemented. Such as: the development of GSM second-generation enhanced protocol, GPRS protocol, and the development of acceSS7 signaling system.

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