The resume is screened like this (a secret you don’t know)

Here to talk about me how screening, of course, this is according to the company hr taught to, and probably different hr have different screening way but said that even if the hr software, the screening will be very familiar, it touches on most of the companies are biased For manual screening.

The first is the first round of screening, screening schools, this round is a direct killing without looking at the resume. Although I have always thought that a hero cannot be regarded as a school, it is a pity that the reality is cruel. The problem I hr discuss some time, as far as I understand it, the company terms mean something like this: Because you want to recruit a management trainee, so first of all in IQ should be to at least be on the. Of course, the company does not deny that the IQs of many students in schools that are a bit close are also good. But this is a question of probability. Usually, 80% of the students in good schools are smart, and 40% in bad schools. (Of course, I don’t agree with it here, but here it is

Considered from the point of view of the employer), then in order to save time, manpower and resources, the company would rather give poor schools in the 40% to find directly from the good schools. After all, digging for talents is not only the responsibility of employers, but individuals should truly take their responsibilities. Perhaps this is why the company’s recruitment requirements must include the name of the email and the school of graduation. Well, so many people in the first round of the books are out of play even before their resumes are opened. Of course, I think this has something to do with the nature of the position. Perhaps some positions are more suitable for schools that are relatively handicapped. Since I don’t know much about universities, I checked the Internet and found out the top 500 schools in the country. By the way, I checked out the top 15 schools in Shanghai, the top 20 schools in Beijing, etc., to avoid accidental killing. Few good school children. So when I see a school I don’t understand, I just look it up.



I have no choice but to despise schools outside of 100. In fact, according to company requirements, estimated that 50 had died other than the name, but I really could not do it, after all, the same is the recruitment of fellow ah, so many encounters with schools of postal items, usually, if not before 100 good schools, I will look at several pumping, if this happened several have no content, then the school where what they had been implicated the. If we say that school is something we cannot change, then the following situation of being directly killed is something we can change ourselves.

That is carelessness. In the process of screening resumes, what irritated me the most was why everyone likes to make low-level mistakes and didn’t even read the recruitment page before submitting the resume? Want is a management trainee, many people directly before the resume sent me intact, but also what was written on the mail marketers candidates name, Employment intern or, worse, such as the “Employment ABN AMRO ~ ~~ ” and similar resumes are sent to the fast-selling company signed by my person, sweat ~~ So, unfortunately, these people who do not take the company seriously are also not taken seriously by the company and directly despise it.

Well, after a few copies of this directly despised, only 60% to 70% of the resume is left. It is estimated that if the real hr starts, only 40% will be left.
The next round is the second round. In this round, many resumes are dead by sight, just open it and you will know that it will not work. Part of the reason is also careless. Usually, write something in the email first. At this time, many Ma Daha directly copied other recommendation letters without changing the company name and position, and some did not even change the title. Naturally, they will not live long, and some are indicated in their resume It’s strange that more than half of the colleagues in this column have forgotten to change their intentions. What financial jobs, financial jobs, and teachers’ jobs are still reserved. , It’s not a pity to die.

Another condition is stated expectations salary, of course, pros and cons, because if your salary is beyond the scope of business volume, then the company can not reach your expectations, you screen, you naturally do not bother to go white a surface not up to the requirements of your company, but one thing is for sure and that is if the company believes can not reach your expectations, it is likely your resume on to this till the. Because the company, if the salary requirement is too high, even if it finds the content of your resume is suitable, it will consider not to waste manpower, and even if your salary is just in line with what the company gives, the company will not give you the content of your resume because of this. Bonus points, so is a fool’s opinion, unless it is explicitly required by the company, the salary requirement is unnecessary. It will only make your resume die earlier. Several doctors in the resume indicated their salary of 7000-9000 as soon as they came up. I stuck out my tongue, thinking that for the sake of these doctors and seniors, let them be euthanized first so that they would not be willing to come even if they entered.

By the way, there is no resume pasted in the email, and the attached resume is a compressed file. Although I only encountered a dozen of the more than four thousand copies, it is not to be ignored. , After all, you have to unzip the resume before you can read it. The program is a lot of trouble, so I only unzipped one of the ten or so copies and found that besides the resume, there are a lot of certificate photos that I don’t want to look at, plus it’s not a giant. So kill. It is estimated that the company hr will not be soft when dealing with these compressed files, so it is better not to use it.
The above are the situations where you die more easily. Let’s talk about those situations that will reduce your resume points. These situations are quite numerous, but due to my limited memory, I can only briefly talk about the few that I still remember, and it may be messy, I hope to forgive me.

First of all, there is still a carelessness. Many people write a normal school as a model school. They are sweaty and insincere comrades ~~ The second case of lowering points is not sending emails following the company’s requirements. The company requires the graduate school + name and at the same time Paste your resume in the email and attach your resume to the attachment. Many people did not follow this requirement. Although I read the ones that did not meet the requirements, as far as I know, other HRs will pick a few of these resumes at most, so check the requirements before submitting your resume. 


Very necessary. The third is to re-submit resumes, although most of the time I will look at one of them, hr is still annoying a bunch of the same resume. Another way is to use the overseas investment method, directly copying the resume templates on or fresh graduates, and some of them are sent directly through these web pages. This situation is regarded as not being taken seriously. Reduce points, or even kill directly. There is another situation where pdf files are used. First, make sure that the other party has this software. Of course, they should all have it now, but opening with pdf may be slower, so everyone doesn’t like it very much. I have encountered some situations that I appreciate more. I attach both the word version and the pdf version, and indicate which version is on the resume name, and let hr choose it by himself. Of course, the best is to stick it neatly in the mail, because this is the most convenient way to hr.

There is a garbage problem, sent me many messages are garbled, uh ~ ~ this question I do not know how to solve, in short, attention-mail with a useful point when everyone wants to send a message. Also, even though it is a foreign company, don’t just send your resume in English. I, an English major, feel too lazy to read the English version. Besides, many hrs may not be good at English. (We have to admit that some hr does not know everything, ah, just like I can review my cattle than people resume hey hey).

Next comes the issue of the resume itself. The first is the font of the resume. Some of the fonts are so small that I can’t see it. Because of the heavy task, I had to give up first ~~ As for the content, many resumes list the courses and rewards they receive. , Especially graduate students, especially like to paste the research projects involved, graduation thesis, thesis design, etc., and then nothing is left ~~~ Except for studying, I don’t have to write anything. What? There are a lot of English majors, and they confidently write the eighth grade before the eighth grade is good. I admire it. Because I am an English major, these people have been lowered by me unknowingly. Of course, good. In the case of Cai, hr will not notice this, but once it is found to be dishonest, it will be out of play. There, on the photo, which I was not sure, here to talk about, big Discussion on the home, which is more than four thousand copies of your resume about 3500 are all photos, pretty handsome natural not say that I feel that need not even have a sense superfluous, for example, some RD takes the direct use of cell phone photos, or in places where life according to the plainclothes homes, it is indecent ~ ~ hate the most is some resume have 10 pages or more, according to which even personal life, and living according to their families are out, to open my computer almost crashed ~ ~? so I think that, in addition to the long phase required by the job, probably not necessary with a photograph of it.

Another very bad thing is that you don’t need to write the main points in bold. Some resumes have the same font, size, and thickness. It is impossible to see what the person has done at a glance. And many people like to use very long sentences. For example, when and what college did I serve as the chairman, the user list is much more eye-catching. Short sentences are better than long sentences. It is easy to visually fatigue.

Also, I do feel that the resume needs to be targeted. Although I am recruiting management training, I still see that many resumes only include experience as a tutor, or an internship in a law firm, or are full of published medical papers, which are very good but not suitable for them. This post. Regarding family education, it is also necessary to say something. I think that the gold content of this experience is not very high. At least I think that my family education is misleading the children. I haven’t learned much, nor can I reflect much. So I think that if there are other things to write about, I don’t need to write about such an experience, except for teachers who apply for it.

The bank HR tells you: fresh graduate, why did I choose you? ( How does HR screen resume)


Zhao Benshan said in a sketch: It depends on the mouse whether the catwalks in a straight line. Whether a candidate’s resume is good or not depends entirely on the recruiter. Some people think that their resumes are well done. Why do they fall into the dark when they cast out, and there is no news? The big reason is that your resume has not caught the attention of recruiters. The failure to attract the attention of recruiters is large because you only look at your resume from your perspective, not from the standpoint of the recruiter. No matter how beautiful your resume is, you must be clear that recruiters simply don’t have time to look through your resume when screening resumes.

Every time we go out to recruit, there are usually four or five people, and the time is as long as a week, and as little as four or five days. There are a lot of things to do during this period: if you are participating in a large-scale job fair, you must at least set up your booth in advance. If you do a special session, the layout of the venue will be more complicated; recruiting, screening resumes, interviews, and notifying the results of the interview…It can be said that we use it for screening There is very little time on your resume, and every job fair will receive hundreds or thousands of resumes. We can’t see every word on your resume.

You have to remember that during the entire recruitment process, we will spend at most one day to screen resumes, and often half a day.

There are two processes for selecting resumes: first, the initial selection. This process is very fast. We only look at a few keywords for each resume. We will finish reading a resume in 10 to 20 seconds. Sometimes the resume is finished, even if the person is male I don’t know if it’s a woman, don’t blame us for being sincere and irresponsible to everyone, we can’t help it. In the primary election, about 20% of the people will be selected for re-election. In the pre-election stage, we looked at each resume very carefully, mainly to better understand each job applicant and look for a few targeted interview questions in the resume. At this stage, the elimination rate is not very high Get an interview opportunity. Therefore, for our industry, if an applicant can pass the primary selection, the interview will not be far away.

Among the many resumes, why did we choose this one instead of that one?

In addition to this person meeting our hardware requirements, there is a very important reason: this resume meets our tastes.

So, what kind of resume do we like?

Of course, it is clear and clear, and the keywords can be grasped at a glance.

The word “resume” is prominent “Jane”, so the resume is not for writing an essay, it cannot be too long, and we don’t have time to help you summarize the information we need in your long discussion. “Jane” in “resume” can’t be understood as simple. My understanding is to highlight the key points. You need to show your highlights in just one or two pages. We leave a resume, mostly because we saw the resume. A word or sentence in. I don’t like looking at resumes that are too similar. Sometimes I read a lot of resumes, and the format and content are the same. This kind of resume with one-of-a-kind side, after reading too many, I feel like nausea. I also had this problem when I graduated. I took someone else’s resume, set a format, and changed the content. There are too many resumes like this, which makes recruiters very embarrassed. I don’t see any difference between them. How to choose? It is often eliminated in batches.

However, for graduates, similar resumes are inevitable. Everyone has similar experiences, so of course, the resumes are almost the same. But some graduates can write the same thing differently. This is the level.

Finally, remind everyone: Don’t be afraid of trouble, stand on the recruiter’s perspective and make a unique resume with your heart.

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