Why to study in Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) – Chile

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So, do you want to study in Chile? Great idea. However, choosing the right destination as a Chile is the most important decision of your life, as it will influence your personal and professional future for many, many years. Studying abroad is exciting and before studying abroad as a student, If you are thinking why I need to study and how to study in the Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) located in the Chile then this detailed analysis report card helps you to move forward.

By choosing an exchange or full-time courses in Chile, you will be leaving your country and entering a new culture. You will meet new people and new friends and an exciting new chapter in your journey will begin in Chile. A rich experience awaits you.

This university’s main building is located in the Chile. University offering different courses for Bachelors, Masters, PhD, and short term courses. Every year a number of local and international students study in the Andr�s Bello University (UNAB).

Six Reasons why Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) is the Best in the World

This detailed analysis report card helps you to make a decision to study in the Andr�s Bello University (UNAB). University main building located in the Chile. Some of the affiliate faculties are around the Chile.


Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) provides an amazing learning opportunity to students meaning that the university is regularly ranked in the world’s top list. Clear evidence shows the commitment of Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) to its students to provide a clear career path, world-leading quality of education and high standards of education. The Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) provides a range of resources to support students in and beyond their academic studies.

  • Academics score results is 19.7
  • Overall university ranking is 10.7�22.1

Academic excellence

The way of teaching a distinctive advantage of Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) academic excellence. In the classroom lessons in which you discuss subject related problems with your professor and participate in the group discussions.

The Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) contains the online digital and offline book library. Students can access public libraries around the Chile.

  • At the Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) student gets an online and offline library facility.
  • Students can access the public library on student cards around the Chile.
  • Student-to-staff ratio is 21.8.
  • Teaching staff quality is 13.3.

Academic research record

A number of local and international students study in the Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) located in the Chile. Student study bachelors, master and PhD program and academic teaching staff made the university outstanding with an excellent academic research record.

  • Total number of students 44,327.
  • Research impact in the year 2021-2021 was 8.
  • Citation on research paper is 29.8.

College life

College life in theAndr�s Bello University (UNAB) is very balancing. Students can go to the library, gym and curriculum activities classes. The study had a total 53% of female and 47% male students. International students are increasing every year and this year around 44,327 students studying. 

  • Students have special benefits in selected places such as museums, stores and workshops around the Chile.
  • Affordable student accommodation available in the Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) campus and cheap accommodation available in the country side of Chile.

Student life

Total number 44,327 students prove the university welcomes every student from around the world. A number of 53% female and 47% male students make a balanced combination to study here.


  • Provides and guidance to the jobs
  • Opportunities for placement
  • Industrial Income is 34.6
  • International outlook is 47.3
  • Opportunities with Erasmus and other local opportunities for studying abroad
  • Volunteer option for learning new skills and gaining valuable experience
  • To help you find valuable work experience while you study
  • Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) jobs also possible
  • After study Chile full-time job opportunities open for you to grow more


Europassgo wishes you good luck with your student life and our dedicated team is always ready to help you in getting admission in Andr�s Bello University (UNAB) and also guide you in the visa and documentation process.  Also, Europassgo team helps you to get a job in Europe quickly and you can reach us anytime.


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